Monkey Color

Monkey Color  2021

Design whatever you want!

Make it simple but significant. — Don Draper

Monkey Color
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Hey! It’s an easier way to design

Monkey Color advocates that you don’t need to have professional design or computer graphics capabilities, as long as you can operate the mouse and keyboard, you can easily design a perfect work.

All in monkey color

Timetable, posters, greeting cards, certificates, calendar card, label ,leaflet catalogue, presentation, envelope, photo portrait, portfolio, etc…

Vectors, better !

Our experienced creative team strives to add vector graphics every week to provide you with unlimited creativity.


Intuitive Operation Design
In monkey color, we design a user-friendly interface,
all you need to do is drag and move elements
to complete beautiful works quickly.

Monkey Color Gallery
Powerful, comprehensive and delicate.

We have all kinds of materials and insist on using vector graphics,
suitable for various industries.
Not only that, there are also a large number of beautiful real photos that can be used legally.
Your creativity have never limited anymore!

Happy Learning, we educate through entertainment
Monkey Color designed to explore, develop,
learn and grow children’s artistic potential.
And why? 

Because it allows children to easily complete the perfect design
and generate pleasure and self-confidence from it,
opens the doors to enable all children to discover the marvelous world of knowledge and where their curiosity and desire to learn can grow.

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